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The Arias Tennis Wizard will answer all your tennis questions and help with all of your tennis problems.

The Arias Tennis Wizard will feature topics that will help you improve your game in every way. You can even ask the Arias Tennis Wizard questions about improving your game.

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Wizard One
Playing Against People You Know Well

Wizard Two
What to Look for When Watching a Professional Match

Wizard Three
Don't Be Fooled By The Trophies

Wizard Four
Tennis Elbow (Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis)

Wizard Five
Warm up, Stretch, and Flexibility - The Debate: Part I

Wizard Six
Warm up, Stretch, and Flexibility - The Debate: Part II

Wizard Seven
No more excuses—here's a post match stretching routine that takes just 10 minutes

Wizard Eight
Andre' Agassi & Roger Federer playing at the top of the world

Wizard Nine
Winter Tennis

Wizard Ten
Tennis Glossary


Suffolk County Junior Tennis League
The SCJTL Summer Tennis League an inclusive  “playing”  experience for all junior tennis participants. Since 1997 the SCJTL Summer Tennis League has offered all participants the opportunity to play on teams on a league that emphasizes fun, fitness and friends.

Tennis Lessons

ATC Tennis LessonsJoe Arias is available for a full range of tennis lessons and personal coaching services. Private and group lessons for all ages and levels. Specialist in tennis biomechanics corrections and improvements, game style enhancement, singles and oubles training .

SCJTL Training Centers

SCJTL Training Center

The SCJTL Training Centers are learning and skill development facilities. Kids and adults learn and improve tennis skills thru SCJTL Personal Coaching Services and SCJT Player Development programs.


Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc.Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc. (SCTEF) is a New York State, non profit corporation and Federal 501(c)(3) created in 2003, with the purpose of providing athletic, educational and charitable activities to all Suffolk County residents regardless of age, ability or socio-economic status.