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Tennis is the best individual sport in the world! It brings together every aspect of the mind, body, heart and soul of a player. A one-to-one gladiatorial sport providing, a platform, a rite of passage, a mirror for the player, a passion, the ultimate game.  "I love tennis! I believe tennis offers enjoyment for everyone at all levels and approach each lesson convinced that everyone can learn to play and enjoy it as much as I have." 

USTA/Eastern Section


Board Memberships:


Miscellaneous Certifications:

Tennis Awards

Organizational Accomplishments

  1. Effectively represented Suffolk County as member of USTA Long Island Regional Board.
  2. Increased area participation in tennis promotions and initiatives.
  3. First to activate USTA Eastern Section District by organizing the USTA Suffolk County District Board (2008).
  4. Identified and developed relationships with organizations important to development of tennis on Long Island
    1. Community groups
    2. Tennis professionals
    3. Tennis industry:
      1. Clubs
      2. Retailers
      3. Service industry
    4. School Districts
      1. Administrators
      2. Coaches
      3. PE Staff
      4. Parent Teacher Association
    5. Collegiate tennis
      1. Administration
      2. Coaching staff
      3. Players
    6. Public
      1. School parents
      2. Adult tennis enthusiasts
      3. Junior and adult competitive players
  5. Founded Arias Tennis Corp.
    1. Professional lesson services
    2. Facility management
    3. Web service through website www.ariastennis.com.
      1. Information resource for Suffolk County tennis information.
      2. Monthly e-mail announcements sent to e-mail list.
      3. SCJTL website www.scjtl.org.
        1. SCJTL eTennis Center
    4. USTA Member Organization
      1. USTA Team Tennis participating site
      2. USTA Community Tennis Association
      3. USTA National Junior Tennis League Chapter
    5. Member Tennis Industry Association
  6. Development and administration of the Suffolk County Junior Tennis League.
    1. Identified and addressed need for tennis accessibility and programmin
    2. Developed structure, policy, training management of staff.
    3. Designed SCJTL to be an effective component and connection to USTA pathway programs.
    4. Development of the SCJTL School Tennis Initiative.
    5. Formation of local Non-profit 501C3 tennis and education foundation Suffolk County Tennis & Education Foundation
    6. Assisted and coordinated numerous tennis events:
      • Developed Junior Varsity Workshops with collegiate tennis team.
      • Developed visiting tennis pro program for school tennis teams.
      • Established TIA Tennis Welcome Centers throughout Suffolk County.
      • Revived the Suffolk County Boys Varsity Tennis Awards Dinner
      • TD Waterhouse Cup Chps Award Presentation
      • Play Tennis America events
      • Compete in the Parks tournaments
      • Long Island and Suffolk County Tennis carnivals
      • USA Tennis Rock & Rally NYC 2002-03



Suffolk County Junior Tennis League
The SCJTL Summer Tennis League an inclusive  “playing”  experience for all junior tennis participants. Since 1997 the SCJTL Summer Tennis League has offered all participants the opportunity to play on teams on a league that emphasizes fun, fitness and friends.

Tennis Lessons

ATC Tennis LessonsJoe Arias is available for a full range of tennis lessons and personal coaching services. Private and group lessons for all ages and levels. Specialist in tennis biomechanics corrections and improvements, game style enhancement, singles and oubles training .

SCJTL Training Centers

SCJTL Training Center

The SCJTL Training Centers are learning and skill development facilities. Kids and adults learn and improve tennis skills thru SCJTL Personal Coaching Services and SCJT Player Development programs.


Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc.Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc. (SCTEF) is a New York State, non profit corporation and Federal 501(c)(3) created in 2003, with the purpose of providing athletic, educational and charitable activities to all Suffolk County residents regardless of age, ability or socio-economic status.